Social Media Masterclass for Digital Storytelling

Build authority. Target readers. Sell confidently.

Have you recently published a book or blog that you desperately want to generate sales and reach for? Do you struggle to maintain a loyal fanbase of readers and a consistent social media posting schedule? This online course aids writers, like you, in their social media endeavors by bringing context to complicated algorithms, basic posting necessities, the perfect call-to-actions, and more. Upon finishing this course, you will have a newfound confidence in your social media journey!
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Your Digital Content Expert

Jinapher Hoffman

Digital Content Expert

Jinapher Hoffman

With 6+ years working in digital content, I have a strong passion for aiding writers in digital success. For years, I have been excessively hands-on with the writing, publishing and marketing processes of several novels, helping writers make their mark on global markets like Amazon. I strive to use my expertise on social media, publishing, and content marketing to provide writers with the necessary skills they need to succeed in their professional careers.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Jinapher's Social Media Masterclass For Digital Storytelling!

  • 2

    Getting Started With Social Media

    • Choosing the Best Platform
    • Power of Consistent Branding
    • Download "Your Brand Canvas"
    • Basic Posting Schedule
  • 3

    Social Media Optimization For Beginners

    • What is SMO?
    • The importance of keywords
    • Researching keywords 101
  • 4

    Navigating Social Media Algorithms

    • What is an algorithm?
    • Learn the platform
  • 5

    Crafting Your Social Media Posts

    • Know your limits
    • Drive traffic with CTAs
  • 6

    Leveraging Your Social Media Data/Insights

    • Define your target audience
    • A/B Testing
    • Develop a targeted campaign
    • Download "Basic Campaign Plan"
  • 7

    Congrats! You Finished This Course!

    • Thank you (: